MMHC Gelding Incentive


The Gelding Incentive Program is being instituted to promote the gelding of miniature horses and the showing of geldings. Geldings participating in this program will receive cash awards and promotion by MMHC.

All points will be based on the MMHC Club show the weekend of June 24-26 at Simons Arena in Cannon Falls, MN.

Geldings must be nominated by June 16, 2016 with a $10 fee per horse per class.

There will be three adult divisions: AMHA, AMHR-A, AMHR-B and three youth divisions: AMHA, AMHR-A, AMHR-B. All nomination fees will be paid back (100%) for the same number of classes having geldings nominated. The top six (6) placing’s will be used to tabulate the final points. Any added money (donations, etc.) will be divided up per horse entered. There will be NO refunds for any reason.

Money will be paid in each class for each division. Adult: 1st Place-60%, 2nd Place-40%, Youth: 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%. Any money not paid out will be returned to the General Fund of MMHC and carried over into the next years’ Gelding Incentive Program.

All geldings must be registered AMHA or AMHR and owned by a member and shown (youth included) by a MMHC member. Horses that are double registered may enter both divisions by paying fees in each division. Geldings sold after being nominated may remain in the program if the new owner is a member of MMHC.

Classes include: Youth & Adult, Open & Amateur, AMHA & AMHR A & B:
Halter (all ages, sizes, open & amateur, youth)
Performance: Pleasure driving, Country Pleasure Driving, Western Country Pleasure Driving (AMHA=Classic Pleasure Driving), Roadster, Obstacle Halter, Obstacle Driving, Hunter, Jumper, Showmanship, Liberty & Costume.

Points will be as follows: 1st=6 points; 2nd=5 pts; 3rd=4 pts; 4th=3pts; 5th=2 pts; 6th=1 pt.

A Super Gelding Award will be given in each Division (Adult AMHA, AMHR-A, AMHR-B & Youth AMHA, AMHR-A, AMHR-B). TO QUALIFY FOR THE SUPER GELDING AWARD, THE HORSE MUST BE SHOWN IN BOTH HALTER AND PERFORMANCE CLASSES. This award will be presented at the Annual Banquet to the geldings that have accumulated the best record in their division. Scoring will be done as per the Gelding Incentive Rules.

NOTE: You may show in open and/or amateur for one $10.00 nomination fee. The class you placed the highest in within that division will be used to calculate your points.


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If you have any questions on the Gelding Incentive Program, PLEASE contact:

Taylor Hjermstad